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Quality Christmas Trees
Looks exactly like the picture, time to put quality back in Christmas, if its time to get a new tree, then buy one thats bushy
and has lots of tips

This is an investment, no fear of it falling apart, make it a tradition to put up the decorations

At Flexilight we love Christmas, lets share the joy

Please look at our quality fairy lights made to last 5 years or more

All delivered to your door, make it a hassle free Christmas, Make it a Flexilight Christmas

Also Garlands and Wreaths to make your lounge or Indoor Area truelly festive.
5ft Black Elegance Tree
611 Tips
5ft Majestic Tree
720 Tips
5ft Frosted Tree
$720 Tips
7ft Black Elegance Tree
1450 Tips
7.5ft Majestic Tree
400 LED's
2597 Tips
Artificial Christmas Tree: COMBO color LEDs & Fiber Optic

Green tree with both multicolor and white fiber optics along with Multi Color LEDs with 4 function controller
Brand New! Prelit Combo LED trees = The safest, most energy efficient pre-lit tree ever made!
Multi lighting effects. This tree has an 4 function controller to change the blinking patterns of the tree.

LED light produces a brighter light than incandescent lights and last 10 times longer!
LED light does not create heat. L.E.D. lights last longer than traditional lights.

EZ Set-up! Comes in one piece plus the stand.
Safety Approved for a safe New Zealand Christmas

Easy to assemby, tree comes in ONE section and a stand. Add bottom portion of tree into stand, , connect the plugs together
btween bottom and base. Fluff the tree branches and plug in.  
This pre lit artificial Christmas tree has a controller on the base with 4 different blinking patterns including steady on and fade.  

Please click on pictures to Enlarge them.
Standard Fibre Optic
Multi-Coloured LED &
Fibre Optic Tree
Red LED & Fibre Optic
Blue LED & Fibre Optic
Large Fibre Optic Tree
600 LED's
2597 Tips
Christmas Lights - Net Lights - Ropelights - Fairy Lights - Icicles - LED Lights - Christmas Tree Lights - Glowsticks - Toys
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